Ministry Leader: Stacie Bostic

As with a lot of things, the words “Girl Power” often come with negative connotations.  The movements of this nation, along with the world around it, have turned away from the biblical standards for women, and into attempting to make us equal to men. Not only is that scripturally inaccurate, but it’s also a disservice to the power that an Almighty God has instilled in us as women. To glance into our monthly Girl Power study, you’d see a variety of women, all of different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, decisions, and laughs, even. The image is beautiful, but what we find truly captivating is that God created us to be these fierce creatures for HIM. To do the things that men CAN’T do and vice versa. Since November of 2009, every month, in each of our seasons, we pool together our strengths, our weaknesses, our victories, and our failures and lean into our Father as one body of women who love Him. We are a ministry of teaching, speaking, monthly bible studies, annual conferences, and community outreach- all of which point women to Jesus. Not with a feminist agenda, not with a need to prove what we’re capable of, but with a deep desire to prove what He is capable of. We’re just a bunch of women who love Jesus and love each other.   

  June 2021  
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